Home decluttering routine – Week 4

Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m slowly trying to make this blog just a tad more sophisticated so I’ve updated the theme and added photos to ALL of my posts. Hopefully you, my lovely followers, and occasional passersby are enjoying the changes!

Along with these changes, I’m going to limit my posts about my home cleaning/organization efforts to just a couple times a week. Mondays will be for doing a recap of how I did the week before with my daily routine and to add a new daily habit to the routine.

Last week recap

  • Wake up at 6:30am (weekdays) –  Fail. I abandoned this and opted to focus on getting to bed earlier first.
  • Sweep hardwood floors – Uber success! Completed every day!
  • Write blog post (for accountability) – Success! Even on the weekends.
  • Get ready for bed at 10:30pm – I skipped this one on the weekends but otherwise I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with this one.

New daily habit

I would add back in the 6:30am wake up time but I want to add a new daily task that makes me feel more productive. This week, I’m adding a 5-minute table clutter pick-up task. This means that for 5 minutes (I’m planning on doing this right when I get home from work), I will pick a table/counter surface and spend five minutes clearing it of clutter. If I complete a surface within those 5 minutes then I’ll pick another one.


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