Healthier(ish) eating

Good morning, all! Guess what? Monday is now behind us! Yay!

Every now and again, I go through spurts of wanting to eat healthier (don’t we all?). I’ll tell myself that I’ll cut back on sugar, sodium, caffeine (remember that story?) and I’ll be fairly decent for a few days, maybe a week, and then I’ll give in to temptation.

On the whole, my husband and I definitely eat better now than we did 5 years ago. Although we still eat plenty of greasy carbs and processed stuff, we’ve incorporated a lot more fruits and veggies into our diet. Granted, it’s nowhere near the daily recommended value but it’s an improvement!

Since we graduated from college we’ve added zucchini, avocado, bell peppers, garlic, and more occasionally, broccoli, carrots, and spinach.

Lately, we’ve been getting food out much more than normal, which has been a pretty big blow to our wallets and I’m sure our digestive systems don’t appreciate it either. So it’s probably for that reason that I’ve started to swing the other way back into a trend of better eating. I went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up.. mostly on fruit (because let’s face it, fruit is more delicious than vegetables and I’m a firm believe that just like there’s good and bad fat, there’s good and bad sugar) but I did also get some veggies.

Once again, I’m on a cutting-salt-and-processed-sugar kick. I feel like all health experts are in agreement that those are our worst diet offenders. This morning I’m eating apple slices and peanut butter (and I know, I know, the standard brands of peanut butter use hydrogenated oils and processed sugar but it does have some good benefits and I’m almost at the bottom of the jar anyway). I don’t even eat breakfast most days so I feel like just that in and of itself is an improvement.


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