Most at peace when I’m alone

I don’t understand the stigma of being alone. Some people see others alone and they pity them thinking that person must be lonely. The truth is some people crave being alone. For these people, alone time is as essential to their happiness and mental health as water is to their physical well-being. I am one of these people.

I love that I work at a place where there are multiple locations where people could be at any one given time so no one thinks anything of it when someone is not at their desk. I’m not typically a rebellious person but on occasion, I do slip out of work. I would go home but my husband works from home and as much as I love my husband and love spending time with him, the whole reason I leave work is to enjoy being alone. So I go to a coffee shop.

Wait? You go to a coffee shop when you want to be alone? Aren’t there a bunch of people there?

Yes, that is correct. But no one talks to each other there. If you go to the right coffee shop, the only other people there are others who just want to be alone. All the chatter of the barista’s or conversations between a few customers is just background noise. If you’re not bothering me, if you’re not staring at me feeling sorry for me, I’m alone. And it’s beautiful. I love it. It allows me to return home to my husband feeling recharged, less stressed and ready to give him the interaction I know he wants after being home alone all day.


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