Speaking the physical touch love language – Week 2

I’ll admit, I probably haven’t put in my absolute best efforts every day this week to speak my husband’s love language of physical touch. There was even a time this week when he started kissing me and all I could think of was the tiny bristles of his mustache poking up my nose and he commented on how I recoiled from his touch. I should probably help him understand that there are some angles that he kisses me from where his facial hair just feels extra pokey and it’s a bit painful, to be honest. I just don’t want it to affect him by making him afraid to hurt me and therefore afraid to touch me.

I do get a positive response when I run my hands along his back and arms while he’s cooking or otherwise go out of my way just to touch him when he’s not expecting it. I could see this making a difference over time.

I was going to say that I hadn’t yet seen much effort on his part to speak my love language of words of affirmation but then I remembered that he did do a lot of work in the garden just the other day. Granted his mom came over and he’s always more likely to do work when his parents come to visit but I shouldn’t have used that as an excuse not to give him lots of praise for doing all that work.

Dang. I can’t believe I missed an opportunity like that! No wonder so many couples aren’t naturally good at this.


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