Home decluttering routine – Week 4

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm slowly trying to make this blog just a tad more sophisticated so I've updated the theme and added photos to ALL of my posts. Hopefully you, my lovely followers, and occasional passersby are enjoying the changes! Along with these changes, I'm going to limit my posts about my home cleaning/organization efforts [...]

Cheers to the flipping weekend

Happy Friday, friends! This evening, I'm going to my parents' for the weekend. It'll just be me, no hubs. Originally, he had plans where the guys would come over and they'd all play video games but that fell through, unfortunately. I thought it would be really nice for my introverted self to get out of [...]

Baby steps toward a better sleep schedule

I snoozed my alarm again this morning. I don't know why I'm so tired unless it's my body resisting a new schedule. I didn't have any coffee yesterday, to upset my body's natural wake and sleep cycles and I even started going to bed at 10:30pm! I read a little bit of my book and [...]

Waking up early is hard

Starting an early-to-bed routine on the night that Game of Thrones airs was perhaps not my best of ideas. I failed at this. Instead of getting ready for bed at 10:30pm, my husband and I started watching Game of Thrones at 10:30pm. Oops. Then I made matters worse by continuing my usual late-night Netflix watching [...]

13 Reasons Why Reflection

Aha! At last, I have broken my no-post-Saturday streak! Today, I want to talk about something real. So, here's a heads up that my post is about to take a heavy turn. I just finished watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, which I definitely recommend to any one who hasn't seen it. The series follows [...]