Speaking the physical touch love language – Week 2

I'll admit, I probably haven't put in my absolute best efforts every day this week to speak my husband's love language of physical touch. There was even a time this week when he started kissing me and all I could think of was the tiny bristles of his mustache poking up my nose and he [...]

Speaking the physical touch love language – Day 6

Even though I wrote my blog post committing myself to trying out love languages just yesterday, I've actually been putting in extra efforts for over a week now. I started trying to be more cognizant of my behavior and show my guy more touch-feely love while in the middle of Chapman's book and I finished the [...]

Testing the 5 Love Languages for a happier marriage

Earlier this week, I finished listening to the audiobook for Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages. My curiosity on the topic was sparked when a coworker mentioned the theory and we went around sharing what we thought each of our own languages was. I've been married for 2 years but was with my husband for 8 [...]