Home decluttering routine – Week 5

Good morning, friends! Happy Monday! I found a 'journal' app that I'm currently really loving for keeping track of all I do around the house. Instead of a checklist where I write out what I want to do and check off the things that are done, leaving whatever's left to be a reminder of everything [...]

Home decluttering routine – Week 4

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm slowly trying to make this blog just a tad more sophisticated so I've updated the theme and added photos to ALL of my posts. Hopefully you, my lovely followers, and occasional passersby are enjoying the changes! Along with these changes, I'm going to limit my posts about my home cleaning/organization efforts [...]

Early mornings for nightowls

Getting ready for bed at 10:30pm continues to be working for me but getting up at 6:30am has not been easy. I snoozed my alarm again this morning... to 7:15am! So I'm running late now and I sat down to write this blog post without thinking of sweeping the house first. Being late and being [...]

Daily habits and a need for a new sleep schedule

I'm late again. I think next week's new daily goal is going to have to be centered around what time I wake up (and go to sleep). I snoozed the alarm for a half hour and here I am, on track to be half an hour late (shocking!) But I still went through my routine. [...]

No excuses, just do

This morning, I went downstairs, let the dog out, came back in, then sat down ready to write my blog post then though, "oh shoot!" Luckily, I remembered my new weekly task is to sweep the floors. No part of me wanted to leave my blanket cocoon on the couch but sweeping really does only [...]